The Perks of Using FreedomPop to Enjoy Internet and Mobile Services

FreedomPop is a favorite service for all modern, technologically savvy consumers who want to take advantage of the world of internet and mobile. This FreedomPop review will reveal some of the major benefits its users can obtain.

The three major benefits are:

  • This service can be enjoyed at no cost
  • There are no legally binding contracts for users when availing of this service
  • There are no fees for terminating the subscription to this service


FreedomPop’s Wide Range of Services

FreedonPop offers more than just a no cost service. It offers its services based on its users’ demands and budgets. The no-cost cell phone service by FreedomPop includes 4G data of 500MB, 200 minutes of voice calling and limitless texting. Users can enjoy the complimentary internet service after a refundable purchase of a MiFi device. After obtaining the MiFi, a user will receive a monthly internet volume of 500MB.


If users feel the need to go beyond the complimentary limits of mobile or internet service, they may select a suitable purchase option or use any of the methods offered to increase their limits. Mobile service options that are available for purchase include monthly Wi-Fi calling option at $5, the monthly $10.99 package offering 500MB data volume with unlimited calling as well as texting and finally unlimited calling as well as texting with 1GB data volume. The internet packages available for purchase include the Pro 500MB package costing $3.99 after the first month of free trial and the Premium 2GB costing $19.99 after the first month’s no-cost trial. For any of the FreedomPop services, exceeding the allocated volume will cost the users $0.02 per MB except for the $19.99 Premium 2GB package which will cost $0.015 per MB.


A Closer Look at FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a the United States, LA-based mobile startup that was launched in 2012. Skype’s founder, NiklasZennstom’s investor firm, Atomico had initially invested on FreedomPop aiding it to give rise to its current reputation and success. It is a wireless infrastructure, termed as a mobile virtual network operator. Since it is an MVNO, it operates by procuring internet data, SMS, and voice volumes at wholesale prices from Sprint.


This service can mainly be used through FreedomPop phones like restored Samsung or HTC devices or Sprint connected old mobile phones. However, it was launched in the UK, in 2015 with only the assistance of a single sim.



Talk Fusion Offers Families A True Means Of Connection

Every family that wishes to connect with loved ones far and wide may use Talk Fusion for broad video chats. Talk Fusion has been featured as a lovely alternative to phone calls, and it creates video links that allow families to see each other easily. A family that uses Talk Fusion may connect easily, and they may use multiple features to communicate. This article explains how they may speak using a simple piece of software.


#1: How Does Talk Fusion Work?


Talk Fusion has two features available to users for communication. The video chat feature ensures a large group of people may speak at once, and video emails may be created to send to family and friends. Family and friends may watch video emails as many times as they like, and video chats may go on for as long as everyone likes. The simplicity of the Talk Fusion system ensures everyone may join in, and even children may learn how to use the system.


#2: The Installation Of The System


The software may be installed on any computer at any time. Users may place the software on multiple computers to ensure they may speak when they like. Calling someone across the world becomes quite simple with the video chat feature, and a video email may be created using the camera on the computer. The camera on the computer connects directly to Talk Fusion, and the videos are stored just as any other email would be.


#3: Who Uses Talk Fusion?


Families may use Talk Fusion due to its simple design, and businesses may connect with employees using the same platform. Talk Fusion ensures a strong connection when everyone is on the line for a video chat, and the chats may be scheduled for future dates. Talk Fusion may be installed on every computer in an office, and a strong Internet connection is needed to keep the calls going.


Talk Fusion is lauded by businesses and families for keeping them connected, and it is quite important for every user to call or create emails when they wish to see the face of someone they adore.

College Football Betting Tips Every New Bettor Should Observe

College football is an interesting sport that draws fanatics from all corners of the world. Many of the people who closely follow college football do so with the aim of understanding the teams and the game for betting purposes. Betting is a growing phenomenon that pays well if you have the right skills to make predictions to matches. College football betting, just like in many other forms of betting, calls for keen observation and research before one can commit their money to the practice.

Those who often rush to place bets before analyzing the possible outcomes suffer losses. There are many people who have been betting on college football yet earn big margins and the only trick they have been applying is getting the right information from the right sources then analyzing the facts to make a determination. Before you dive into college football betting, there are basic concepts you should understand as mentioned below.

Research is a broad concept that entails getting the right information from the right sources in time. There are many sites that purport to offer correct analyses of the sport but most of the information that is shared through these platforms is posted by amateurs with no experience in matters sports betting. Sites like offer you a great opportunity to get correct details about college football betting. shares unique information about college football betting that includes sure odds and analyses that highlight upcoming fixtures. While conducting research, this is one of the sites you should visit to understand the history of the teams and players as captured in previous matches and the likely outcomes they will post in the future.

The power of money management
Another aspect of college football betting you should put into consideration is money management. It is through money that you will earn while betting and many people are influenced by the possible huge earnings to invest more than it is advisable. As a rule, you should always make sure the amount you commit to betting is not more than what you can comfortably lose.

Founded in 1995, is a trusted provider of news, analyses, football odds and all information related to different sporting activities. The website is managed by professionals who post real-time analyses and statistics that allow one to make the right decision while betting. It is the most recommended information outlet for bettors looking to make correct predictions.

Helane Morrison Moves From Defending Clients To Prosecuting Them Through The SEC

Helane Morrison, a lawyer, directed the enforcement program of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for three years. In 1999, she was promoted to District Administrator. She was given the jurisdiction of both examining and enforcing programs within the San Francisco SEC office.



  1. Morrison is the first woman to serve as this district’s chief. During her first three years, she worked with many other people to strengthen the SEC’s presence and their impact. With this new promotion, she certainly wanted to keep that same momentum going.


Her new jurisdiction would include Oregon, Washington, Montana, Alaska, Northern California, Northern Nevada, and Idaho; part of the Los Angeles-based Pacific Region. Her predecessor was David Bayless, who held the position for 5 years and stepped down to take another position as a partner at Morrison & Foerster law firm.



Helane Morrison started her career in the SEC in 1996, where she began supervising multiple major investigations. A few of those resulted in actions against Republic Securities of New York, the auditors of California Micro Devices, and Dean Witter.



She is one of only a handful of investigators within the SEC, even with the San Francisco District Office doubling their staff numbers in the 5 years prior. Her new promotion includes managing examination which includes the staff that studies records and books. That staff also refers cases to the enforcement staff, takes care of less serious problems, and requests corrections in business practices. The enforcement staff she will be in charge of investigate and sue the people who cheat investors.



Ironically enough, Helane Morrison was a lawyer who defended clients who were being sued by the SEC, before her career at the SEC. She defended those clients in class-action suits in SEC investigations. She also defended brokers and stock brokerage firms in lawsuits by customers.



During that time, Ms. Morrison was a partner at the San Francisco firm, Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She graduated from Boalt Hall School of Law, UC Berkeley, and was also a clerk to Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun and Court of Appeals Judge Richard A. Posner.



After her role as District Administrator, Helane Morrison was promoted to Regional Director of the SEC. In 2007, she joined a private investment company, Hall Capital Partners LLC. There she serves as general counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. She also sits as the firm’s managing director and a member of its executive committee.

The Companies Eric Lefkofsky Created

With technology as the ultimate propeller that drives all of his business ventures forward, Eric Lefkofsky has inarguably a lot of products and services to offer to the citizens of the planet. A highly intellectual man, in 1993 he earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan Law School, and is presently working in the University of Chicago as an associate professor. Nevertheless, his excellence extends to the companies he has founded over the years.


This was the first company that Eric Lefkofsky established in 2001. Its headquarters was in Chicago, and the main products they constantly dealt with included printed materials and other promotional materials that diverse institutions made use of. The business that he thought of in the beginning had given birth to a total of 40 other franchise locations on the globe.

Echo Global Logistics

Eric Lefkofsky intended for this company to become the most trusted shipping enterprise upon its construction in 2005. How they operated on the shipments was that they took advantage of technological advancements in order to keep track of the clients who have send or receive something. Apart from the regular-sized parcels, Echo Global Logistics can deliver retail, building and processing materials as well.


In 2012, the entrepreneur came up with Mediacoean, a specialized platform which provides the consumers the opportunity to redefine the way they market a brand. This can include (but is not limited to) merger and acquisition, optimization, and invoicing. Its own operating system gives its valued clients the flexibility to deal with one another without imperfections, even though the brand came to life when Eric’s old MediaBank and the Donovan Data Systems combined.


Lightbank, on the other hand, is an investment company which offers affordable investment to some of the latest disruptive technology businesses on the land. The difference that Eric Lefkofsky’s brainchild has over the other funding firms is that they do not solely capitalize on bank notes. In addition, they are also capable of assisting a lot of companies in getting the funds they need as Lightbank has financed over 70 institutions throughout the United States.


Groupon has sealed the spot of this entrepreneur at the top, for the reason that its reach has gone up to the other end of the globe. The consumers can visit a website, browse various discounts and other deals that their favorite restaurants, shopping brands, etc. have in store for them on that day, and pay only a substantial amount to avail the coupons. Sure enough, it still is a highly recognized online marketplace to date.


Eric Lefkofsky has taken a different road with Uptake since this is nothing like the other companies he owns. In fact, it is a forecasting firm that can give advice on how to maximize the brand and lower the chances of going bankrupt via key data that they analyze.


Tempus is the newest project for Eric. Started in 2015, it is a hi-tech institution that produces operating systems which can fight cancer. The experts in the company study the genome sequence, as well as the therapeutic and molecular information about every patient, so that the health practitioners can help save more lives.


Only A Low-Cost Annual Membership Fee Is Needed To Become A Magnises Member

Billy McFarland had a vision when he started Magnises, and the sole purpose of the venture was to bring millennials together to get to know one another, especially if they were from different industries of professionalism. When Billy started the get-togethers, many people would meet one another and would develop professional relationships with each other after going to the parties. Now, Magnises is a club that requires a membership and has its own black card that has some very exclusive perks for its users. With the majority of the Magnises members being millennials, it helps these young professionals to have the fun they’re looking for.

Magnises even puts together trips that go to exotic places that many young people would absolutely love to go to. Along with several perks that allow Magnises cardholders to purchase tickets in bulk to great concerts like Kanye West’s “Life of Pablo” concert, the card can also do so much more for its user. There are many different ways to use the card in an effort to get benefits that may only be extended to a Magnises card user. First, the user must pay their membership fee, which is an annual fee.

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Carded: What It’s Like to Own a Magnises Card

The annual fee runs at $250 and will cover the person for the entire year. Those who have paid the membership fee must also realize that other fees can also be included, such as fees for the passes that Magnises has available in addition to any Magnises membership. The several passes available from Magnises are a great deal and have a monthly fee attached to them, but the passes can be such a great benefit for anyone who uses them. One of the most popular passes is the ClubPass, which can be a clubgoers dream because they’ll always get into a great nightclub without fail.

The HotelPass is spectacular for anyone who’s looking to save the most money on any hotel stay that they indulge in, especially if they stay at the ever popular Dream hotel. Even the WorkPass can be great for a young professional who wants a co-working space at Alley for a low-cost. Along with the great passes that Magnises offers, any Magnises user can feel free to connect banking information to their card. Without having to carry around an additional debit or credit card, the banking information on the Magnises card can be used just like a regular credit or debit card.

The reason why Magnises has become so popular is not just because it’s run by a millennial but because it’s powered by millennials as well. The fact that the millennials combined have a spending power of hundreds of billions of dollars means that many organizations and companies are going to want this group to purchase their products, so they are a targeted market. There are more than enough benefits to being a Magnises member, so those who like to travel, have fun, and anyone who just wants to meet new people should become a member.

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Securus Technologies’ Plans to Unearth the Deceitful Undertakings of Global Tel Link.

Securus Technologies is a well-established company that is dedicated to offering high-quality services to facilities in the criminal and civil justice industry. The firm has a strong client base in North America and currently its services are used by about 3450 law enforcement facilities that house about 1.2 million prisoners. Securus’ main services are biometric analysis, communication, information management, investigation, inmate self-service, emergency response, incident management, inspection of products and services, and offering information to the public.

Securus is an honest and competent company, and it is committed to accomplishing the mission of the inmate communication industry. The CEO of the company, Mr. Richard Smith, believes that the goals of the sector are vital, and therefore, it is important that businesses that are in the industry to prioritize the quality of services that they offer to their clients who are law enforcement agencies, convicted individuals, and the community. Global Tel Link, a company that provides technological services to correctional facilities, was in the past involved in duplicitous activities, and Securus Technologies has a plan of releasing information, evidence, findings and editorials that reveal this to the public through the press. The aim of the company is to shame GTL so that such activities can never be repeated.

The firm will first publish a seventeen-page article that will have the official Order Number U-20784-B, which is a report that was provided by the Public Service Commission of Louisiana on the fraudulent services that the GTL offered when it was hired to serve the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The PSC’s investigations show many deceptive undertaking. GTL overcharged its client in various ways, and this includes adding extra unexplained charges to the regular bill and also double charging some of the calls. The company’s telephone clocks were also programmed to add 15 to 36 on every call. The taxpayers of Louisiana lost 1.243 million dollars in that rogue contract.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Medicare Advantage Plans by InnovaCare Health

While a substantial population of people choose to get their health insurance coverage from the traditional Medicare, one-third of United States population prefer to get their benefits from the Medicare Private Health Plan or what many like to call the Medicare Advantage Plan. A Medicare Advantage Plan is an arrangement with the federal government to pay a fixed amount per individual to access Medicare benefits.

There are different types of Medicare Advantage Plans including Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) and Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS) arrangements. Each of these healthcare coverages has distinctive rules for where and how enrollees will access the benefits. But generally, enrollees are required to pay Medicare Part B premium. However, some Medicare Advantage policies might charge enrollees an additional premium depending on the number of added services or the number of hospital visits and drugs prescribed to them. Enrollees are also charged a copayment, a fixed dollar sum associated with doctor’s visits to substitute for the 20% coinsurance incurred under traditional Medicare.

All Medicare Advantage Plans provide additional benefits that the traditional Medicare doesn’t cover. Such include hearing, vision, and other wellness programs. Most comprise a drugs prescription coverage though enrollees are required to pay an additional premium of $104.90 per month. In case you need a healthcare service that’s not covered by the Medicare Advantage Plan, enrollees are asked to pay all associated costs then make an appeal for the coverage.

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InnovaCare Health is among the sole providers of managed health care services in North America. They operate two Medicare Advantage Plans in Puerto Rico; PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare Inc. These two plans have a membership base of approximately 250,000 members served by a grid of more than 7500 providers. Both plans promote the wellness and physical wellbeing of the members by offering them quality, innovative and value-added programs. InnovaCare’s premiums are consistent and affordable pushing for healthcare excellence that results in optimum health outcomes.

Richard Shinto is the current Chief Executive Officer and the President of InnovaCare. Since the company was established, Shinto with Penelope Kokkinides has spearheaded the company’s operations even after its sales in 2012. He continues to serve as the CEO of InnovaCare Health Plans in Puerto Rico. He has more than 20 years of operational and clinical healthcare experience having worked as the CMO for Medical Pathways, MedPartners as well as NAMM California.

Rick Shinto earned his Bachelors of Surgery from the University of California, Irvine after which he earned his Medical Degree and M.B.A. from the State University of New York and Redlands respectively. His knowledge and expertise have allowed him to provide quality healthcare to the people of North America, by creating models that are cost-effective, sustainable and fully integrated with state-of-arts technologies.

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ClassDojo CEO Sam Chaudhary And His Vision For Future Education

The concept of ClassDojo came about when Sam Chaudhary and his partner and co-founder Liam Don started talking to students, teachers and parents about what the future of education could look like with the help of innovative technology and the use of smart applications.

Sam Chaudary said in an interview that he got the image that the class room was kind of like a dysfunctional team. The classroom atmosphere has not changed for centuries and it was this that drove Sam Chaudary to come up with a solution. Sam Chaudery is originally from the United Kingdom

What ClassDojo allows teachers to do is use the application as a way to grant points to students when they have performed well on a test or teamwork and in this way track their behaviour. Within the application the students are represented by little cartoon characters. This visual representation of the students can then also be shared with other teachers as well as the parents of these kids. The sharing is not limited to just points but also messages, photo’s and videos.

The application has become so popular that it is being used in as much as two-thirds of the schools within the United States. They are in over 180 countries globally and have raised a staggering $31 million in total venture funding. The ClassDojo team is made up of a total of 25 employees and is an up and coming tech firm.

Sam Chaudhery shares that he see’s ClassDojo as a communication platform which brings the entire school community together. A teacher will use the application and add all the students on her class list to the application and then move on to inviting parents. Throughout the school day the educator can share content from within the classroom. The ClassDojo team is trying to address the problem of trying to create a culture within that community. The concept of sharing your daily life and routine is a way to build trust and that is essential what ClassDojo is achieving.

ClassDojo has allowed 15 million students around the globe to build a growth mindset. Every minute teachers share about 8000 unique and special moments from the classroom environment that parents and other students would simply not be able to partake in. ClassDojo makes this possible using clever innovation and a unique approach.


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How Does Wengie Maintain Her V-Shaped Face?

Some people would agree that they would rejoice in being able to have a relaxing facial massage that slims their face at the same time. Sure, some people do not necessarily believe that to be possible, but proving all things once deemed impossible is YouTuber, Wengie. The Aussie is actually Korean culturally, and uses that influence to demonstrate age-old beauty routines that really work! One of her most popular routines uses a Chinese spoon (yes, a spoon) to massage her face, which thins it by drawing out water retention and bodily toxins. The only other tool necessary for this procedure is some massage oil; Wengie enjoys using pure Fiji for her dry skin, and recommends those with acne to use a gel-based product. Now, let’s talk V-line shaped faces:


The blogger begins the tutorial with applying the oil evenly on her clean, makeup-free face. This oil eliminates the friction caused by the spoon, which protects your skin.

She then…

After urging her viewers to never massage for more than ten minutes a day, she starts with her cheeks. Pulling in an upward motion, against gravity, Wengie uses a firm motion that is also gentle.

She continues…

From her cheeks to her forehead, the beauty moves from one side to the other in swift, soothing motions. She uses the handle portion of the spoon around her eyes and the bridge of her nose; she does this on her chin, too.

Finally and most importantly,

Wengie draws the toxins that she just massaged down to her neck area with downward motions. Viewers certainly could see the difference in her face; the swelling was reduced!


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