Chipotle is Served with a Subpoena


Dark days are ahead for Chipotle. Management has been issued a subpoena in the aftermath of a terrible health scare. Sales, not unexpectedly, have taken a tumble. Six months ago, a report such as this was unfathomable. Chipotle was primed to become the major player in the fast food industry, an industry that is seeing previous icon McDonald’s suffer repeated revenue and marketing troubles.

E.coli outbreaks were confirmed, and the outbreaks were traced to food eaten at the restaurant. The E.coli outbreaks spanned 14 states. And then norovirous outbreaks on the east coast and the west coast were revealed. Customers cut back on their visits to Chipotle. Stock prices dropped.

Chipotle emerged as a major player in the fast food business impressing investors like Marcio Alaor of BMG. The menu was different from common offerings presented at the usual hamburger and pizza eateries. The quality of food at Chipotle received high marks. Many first-time customers who tried out the menu items ended up becoming repeat customers.

The subpoenas issued to the company request information related to the company’s food safety policy. It is certainly possible the cause of the health-scare incidents were well out of Chipotle’s control. If the investigation reveals Chipotle cut corners, the company is going to be in huge trouble. Lost customers are not likely to come back. Current customers are sure to leave.

Time will show how everything plays out. The damage to Chipotle’s brand is going to remain deep.

Darius Fisher’s Innovations are Ackowledged by PRWeek

Landing on PRWeek’s Innovation 50 list isn’t easy. Anyone whose name is published on the list deserves kudos. The list bestows an honor on all people who have truly delivered something new and innovative to the field of digital marketing. Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, is one such person.

Darius Fisher wants to help people who are suffering from the aftermath of serious damage inflicted upon their reputation. The damage could come from many sources. A business owner who is sued or falsely accused of a crime is not going to be thrilled to discover several media reports revealing the matter. And these reports will continue to reveal embarrassing information to a growing audience since the search engines end up capturing the negativity for posterity.

Google and the various other search engines index content that has been published online. That is the job of a search engine – to keep information listed on the results page that is generated after a search query. When that information is decidedly embarrassing or troublesome, the results are going to cause problems.

Addressing the problems requires actually doing something. New content, for example, could be produced to help counter the less-than-upbeat information present online. A huge mistake people make is they assume the problem will go away in time. As Darius Fisher points out, this is not going to happen. At a public speaking engagement at the Impact 15 convention, he noted Google results are not going to change unless something is done to nudge a change.

Fisher’s company, Status Labs, utilizes digital marketing, online public relations tactics, and innovative SEO and social media approaches to curtail reputation damage. Fisher’s previous background as a political consultant and copywriter has given him the experience necessary to innovate in all these areas. The mention on the Innovation 50 list may end up being the first of many awards and acknowledgements he receives.


The stock market of any nation reacts to economic changes with exaggerated swings. It is the best place to know the health of nations economy at a given time. The BOVESPA has this year alone lost 45%of it’s valued. It is also expected the economy will contract by 3% this year and up to 4.5% next year.

These numbers are in a country that just five years ago had an economy worth $ 2.1 trillion and ranked 6th in the world. It for a decade posted impressive double digit growth but it fortunes seems to have changed of late. The government led by President Rousseff seem unable to control its down. Things have been made worse by the recent exposure of the deep extent of corruption even in the ruling Party elite. Managers of the state oil company Petrobras have been implicated in the biggest corruption scandals in recent history and has even seen billionaire bankers jailed.

Whereas bad governance can be blamed for the sorry state of the Brazilian economy, it is the downturn in China that has hit the final blow. It is Brazils biggest trading partner and a slowdown in demand for manufactured goods has slowed its need for raw materials. It has exposed Brazils dependence on raw materials to fuel its growth. The country is also depended on its oil export to fuel its growth.

According to Igor Cornelsen, the current doom is the best place for any investor to be right now. He says Brazil has the right basics to bounce back from the current crisis. It has a large educated population; it is endowed with natural resources and has a tremendous demand for infrastructure. Igor Cornelsen has also created a list of reasons why any investor should invest in Brazil. He says its undervalued currency and companies means they its stock can’t go any lower than it currently is. He also points out the current dependence on China will decrease as the country undergoes its industrial revolution.

Igor Cornelsen on tumblr is a well-known Investment Banker and investment consultant. He has always said it is wrong to view investment in the stock market as gambling. He says one should have a well-spread portfolio in the stock exchange to cushion against risks. It allows one to take in losses and have higher cumulative gains.

Mr Igor Cornelsen says it’s wrong for one to invest in one speculative stock as that’s akin to taking a gamble. He advises you invest in companies with a history of making profits. He says the current Brazilian crisis will come to pass, and the country will bounce back from this slump. Invest now is his advice.

Nashville Real Estate Markets Continue To Reach Record Levels

Real estate markets in Nashville, Tennessee have once again been revealed to be achieving all time high prices for sales, which includes the sale of multifamily homes that will reach more than $1 billion for the second successive year. The real estate markets of Nashville have been boosted by investment opportunities being undertaken by a range of individuals and funds that have pushed up the market with a series of record purchases of apartment complexes and other multifamily homes. The sale of the Crescent Cool Springs apartment complex in Franklin for around $60 million by Simpson Housing LLLP has highlighted the high prices being paid for apartments and condo’s throughout Nashville.

The high prices being paid for various apartment buildings and developments in 2015 is good news for a range of real estate developers, including Scott Lumley who has recently been looking to switch his business focus from retail to real estate. Lumley has been investing in warehouses and historic buildings throughout Nashville that have fallen into disrepair and have been repaired and developed as multifamily homes by Lumley and his partners. This has already been shown to be a success for Scott Lumley who has developed much of the downtown area of Nashville that had been neglected for many years.

Scott Lumley is a former rodeo champion who retains a string interest in many sports, which has led to him becoming an owner of the Nashville Rhythm professional basketball team. The move into sports ownership shows the varied business career Scott Lumley has been looking to develop and began with a $200 purchase at a sale. The electronics goods Lumley purchased for $200 were later sold for a profit via an Online marketplace and inspired his first steps in to retail that brought him the wealth he has since used to create his real estate empire.

Experts in the real estate markets of Nashville believe the many deals being struck to pass multifamily dwellings into different hands should see the market at least match the 2014 total of $1 billion. The Nashville markets have been increased by the Crescent Cool Springs complex and the $30 million sale of the Views on the Cumberland Apartments to a level that will probably surpass the value it reached in 2014.

Analysis of the Variety of Dog Foods Manufactured by Beneful

Over the years, dogs have been considered to be man’s best friend. To this end, there is the need to provide dogs with wholesome meals that have nutritional values. The Beneful brand is owned by Purina Nestle Company. With a growing demand for dog foods, Beneful has continued to produce high quality food on Amazon using recommended ingredients. The corporation has a variety of dog foods that caters for the vast needs of the dogs. Wet dog foods are rich in nutrition. Dog owners can find a variety of wet dog food that suits their budgets. The wet dog foods comes in broad varieties. These foods contain protein in the form of pork, chicken, beef and lamb. The food is produced in varying textures such as thinly chopped blends and big chunks of hearty roasters. The common brands of wet foods are medleys, chopped blends and hearty roasters. Dog snacks are found in different flavors such as peanut butter, cheese, bacon and beef. The snacks have an assortment of textures. Dog snacks are found in the form of baked delight. Bacon, chicken and cheese are used in making shortbread cookie dog snack under the dog snack star’s trade mark. Cheese, beef and hickory smoke flavors are used in preparation of crispy dog snack crackers under the trade mark of dog snack hugs and dog snack quacks. Dry dog food comes with unique nutritional needs for the dogs. They are healthy and are also found in different flavors. The food is rich in omega and antioxidants. The originals, which are produced under the dry dog foods comes in various flavors. These flavors includes beef, chicken and real salmon. The incredibites are found in real beef and chicken. The other products found under the dry dog food are healthy weight, healthy puppy and playful life. Dog treats made under the Beneful brand are chewable. They come in diverse flavors like cheese and beef as well as hickory smoke and cheese. Treats can be found in either moist form or oven-baked. Beneful has been in operation for long and continues to design more dog products based on a comprehensive market research. The products are safe, as they are made in sanitary conditions. It is proper to assert that all Beneful products are packaged in resealable tubs usually between 3 oz to 10 oz. Dog owners are free to choose from the wide variety of Beneful products that are available in the market. The high quality of Beneful foods has resulted in a high consumer base, as most dog owners are satisfied with the products.

Career Secrets That Have Elevated Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is a renowned injury lawyer based in Florida, who has been instrumental in promoting the development of the legal world. He is a well experienced professional who has been featured greatly in different cases that involve injury and accidents. His input has been exceptional, with most of his clients walking away with their full reward within a short period of time. Dan Newlin is a great manager and a pioneer of honest practices in the legal field. His great career path has been characterized with immense dedication to ensure all parties that seek his services are assisted to access justice.

Upon completion of his studies in the Florida College of Law, Dan Newlin proceeded to starting his career when he joined the Florida Police Department. He was placed in the department of fire, where he would serve to ensure all cases presented are addressed in time and the right measures taken to offer remedy. In his pursuit for a just system, he managed to offer impressive services that saw him getting a higher rank in the police department. He was placed at different sections, where he was made the head and would oversee and direct a group of professionals. This helped him to develop his career further and in less than one year, he had acquired massive experience and popularity that attracted several awards.

It did not take many years before Dan Newlin discovered his real worth. He established his private law firm in Florida with the sole aim to address more problems that people were facing regarding accidents and injury. This expanded his potential and saw him rise in ranks to a manager with different professionals in tow. He is a skilled manager and his selection and management skills have been applauded. He maintains a group of more than 70 experts who have been in the legal field for more than five years.It is also necessary to note that Dan Newlin has invited retired attorneys to help share great ideas that can make his firm better.

All his effort has been displayed with the impressive feedback most customers have offered. He has invested in many systems to ensure it is easy to access services and the process of finding solutions is streamlined to ensure all clients are served within time. In less than even years, Dan Newlin’s firm has managed to help hundreds of clients to get compensation, which is more than $100 million. This explains the reason most people have been interested in selecting the firm to handle their claims. Dan Newlin has been offering good management and his effort has been extended to seeing both his employees and clients are satisfied by how things are structured.

The Many Benefits of Beneful Dog Foods For Your Pets!

Beneful Dog Foods is manufactured by Purina in the United States and has supplied dog food to many happy owners for many years. Their dog foods are made with real food ingredients for our little four legged family members. They use real meats and vegetables with vitamins to help provide a dog food that not only taste good to our pets, but also provides them with a healthy way of eating so that our “children” can run and play without joint problems, hearing loss, have loads of energy, keep a good weight, and have beautiful, shiny coats. Beneful offers two different styles of dog foods and they are as follows:

Beneful Dry Dog Foods

Beneful Wet Dog Foods

Most owners of pets have particular favorites of the Beneful Dog foods offered, but we are going to talk about a few of each style available today and with the great tasting ingredients that they are made with.

Beneful Dry Dog Foods For Puppies

Beneful Puppy foods are made with real chicken, peas and carrots. Puppies love the great taste of this calcium-rich food and it provides the much needed nutrients that a puppy will need to grow healthy and stay active. This food helps in the development of the puppies brain and vision and offers an overall nutrition to the young puppy.

Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight

For the dogs that might have a weight problem, this is made with real chicken, apples, carrots,and green beans. This dog food offers a wonderful taste so the dog will not miss out on flavor while their weight is being monitored by lower calories.

Beneful Wet Dog Food In Cans

Beneful offers this wet dog food called chopped blends in several different flavors. Chicken, salmon, or beef are a few of the favorites that all dogs love. The foods are easy to chew, break apart very easily,and are made with tomatoes, carrots,and wild rice.

Beneful Wet Dog Food in Plastic Tubs

These great tasting wet dog foods are offered in chicken, turkey, and beef with many wonderful side veggies mixed in like spinach, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. Beneful on petco also offers dog treats in sizes mini to large made in two different styles twist and ridges. The treats keep teeth clean, promote strong bones, and they are tasty. Try one our Beneful Dog Food products for your special pet today!

Using Cyphercloud For Cloud Storage Encryption

Everyone seems to be using cloud storage these days to back up their important information, due to the fact that every hard drive will fail at some point or have other risk of being compromised somehow. Although it seems like a perfect solution at first there are still a few more matters of concern when it comes to keeping your information safe to consider. Truth is, most cloud storage users do not actually know where their information is being stored, or who truly has the ability to access it in the event of it being stolen. The answer to this problem is encryption. Even though most all cloud storage services encrypt their sites, there is still the risk of a breach in security in some extreme cases.

One of the leaders in combating this risk is Cyphercloud. What they do is act sort of like a middleman for your information before it reaches the cloud for storage. They use a carefully-crafted system of encryption that makes it impossible for information to be read or used in the event that the cloud storage service is compromised by thieves. Even if you trust your cloud storage provider, the extra level of protection that encryption provides before uploading is a comfort for many company clients. Many customers value being able to rest easy knowing that their personal information will be safe when choosing a company and their services or products. In the information age, privacy holds more worth than it ever has.

Another great feature that Cyphercloud provides with their system is the ability to still use information freely as you would if it were not encrypted. This means that you can access your own files on your own computers and other devices at will, without having to break through the encryption yourself. In other words, Cyphercloud translates your data for you so that it is still usable when it is needed. Many cloud storage users also have their own software that pulls information from clouds as part of its configuration. No longer will the troublesome wait of having information inaccessible be a problem for the software your company relies on to run smoothly on a daily basis.

Many industry fields are relying heavily on the encryption service that Cyphercloud has made available. Everything from the medical field to product purchases where customers demand anonymity can benefit from this level of privacy. Given that there are many types of packages, depending on the amount of data that needs to be encrypted and the level of encryption, every specific need can be properly taken care of. No longer does anyone have to worry about what happens to their data once it has ascended into the virtual clouds.

NBA Team Owners Make all the Difference

The NBA has continued to grow in size over the past few decades and has truly made a mark in the sporting world. In fact, basketball is one of the top sports played in America today. All of this growth and popularity wouldn’t be seen if it weren’t for the NBA team owners. The NBA team owners throughout the history of the association have made it their priority to ensure that all teams are playing by the rules and to the team’s highest standards. This is what has made the NBA what it is today and why it continues to grow in its size throughout the years.

There are a ton of NBA team owners who have created teams that truly work to be the best at the sport. It is the team owner’s duty to make sure that all players are playing according to the association standards and that their coaches are working to the best of their ability. While the owner may not do any or all of the coaching, it is their responsibility to make sure that the coach they have hired for the team is doing their job. This allows the team to play its best when they go against other teams in tournaments and games. Because of the size of the NBA, it’s pretty apparent that there are dozens of teams and many owners. Some teams are even co-owned between two individuals.

One such team that is co-owned by two individuals is the Atlanta Hawks and its co-owner is Bruce Levenson. Bruce Levenson has been a complete asset to the team for so many years. He has been an enormous contributor to the team and continues to strive to make it its very best. With his years of experience with basketball, it is no wonder that the team is doing fantastic in all of its games and tournaments. Bruce Levenson is married to his beautiful wife and has three children. Bruce Levenson also has two homes across America and does a lot of traveling with the team when he has the chance.

NBA team owners make an enormous difference when it comes to the teams in which they coach. Because of their ability to meet basketball standards on and hire the best players and coaches around, this is why the NBA is what it is today. It has supplied the sport with some of the very best and most prominent players that basketball has to offer. If it weren’t for these team owners, none of this would even be possible. You might find that the teams themselves would have no sponsors or backing because they do not have an owner who is dedicated in seeing the team grow and reach its full potential. Bruce Levenson has been a huge reason for how the NBA is doing today and he continues to make his team and others some of the very best sports teams out there. While there are many team owners out there, Bruce Levenson is definitely one of the best.

Coriant’s New CEO, Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a business executive that has been deeply involved with many companies who are involved with technology. Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir went to college at Cornell University and earned three degrees in electrical engineering. Because of this strong backdrop in electrical engineering, Mr. Kheradpir has performed extremely well in the technological sector. He has been seving at very high ranks at all of the companies he has ever worked for, with the exception of the first job coming directly out of college at GTE Laboratories.

Coriant, a large innovative network solution procider, has earned a new chief executive officer in the form of Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir. The last job Mr. Kheradpir has before working at Coriant was when he was very closely tied with the executive team at Coriant because he used to work at Marlin Equity Partners.

It is well known that Coriant wanted to hire Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir because the hiring team at Coriant felt that Kheradpir could take Coriant to an all new high because of his past working for technological companies.

The former cheief executive officer, Mr. Pat DiPietro felt that Mr. Kheradpir’s “strategic insight and guidance on focused operational execution” was a great trait of his, and he wanted Shaygan to take over his role and try his hand at running the company. So far, it has worked out more than nicely.

Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London, and grew up as a child in Iraq. He came to the United States after finishing high school because of the great secondary education that is offered in the United States. Mr. Kheradpir was subject to the “brain drain,” which is where people from countries outside of the United States of America come to the US for obtaining a high-quality secondary education.