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Crack the code, hacking into
the machine, save world now
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Beat Enigma puzzle for iPhone, iPod and iPad is a fun and challenging game that test your hability to preditc symbol match.

The story begins when machines took control of the planet. Enigma machine is the source for encrypted machine communication and must be destroyed. You’re the smartest hacker, crack the code, Beat Enigma and save humans from extermination. 

Enigma is built of many parts. Hack into Enigma and destroy each part by cracking codes before time runs out. Crack codes by swiping your finger over three or more symbols of the same type, or over four or more different symbols, when these share the same row.


  • Innovative Game. 
  • Fun and Challenging Levels. 
  • Codes for Extended Time and Double Points. 
  • Gorgeous Graphics. 
  • Cool Machine Destruction Feeling. 
  • Explosive Effects. 
  • Game Center Leaderboard and Achievements. 
  • Facebook Scores and Achievements. 
  • Twitter Integration. 

    Warning: Enigma uses very addictive symbols from ancient Phoenician culture.

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