ClassDojo CEO Sam Chaudhary And His Vision For Future Education

The concept of ClassDojo came about when Sam Chaudhary and his partner and co-founder Liam Don started talking to students, teachers and parents about what the future of education could look like with the help of innovative technology and the use of smart applications.

Sam Chaudary said in an interview that he got the image that the class room was kind of like a dysfunctional team. The classroom atmosphere has not changed for centuries and it was this that drove Sam Chaudary to come up with a solution. Sam Chaudery is originally from the United Kingdom

What ClassDojo allows teachers to do is use the application as a way to grant points to students when they have performed well on a test or teamwork and in this way track their behaviour. Within the application the students are represented by little cartoon characters. This visual representation of the students can then also be shared with other teachers as well as the parents of these kids. The sharing is not limited to just points but also messages, photo’s and videos.

The application has become so popular that it is being used in as much as two-thirds of the schools within the United States. They are in over 180 countries globally and have raised a staggering $31 million in total venture funding. The ClassDojo team is made up of a total of 25 employees and is an up and coming tech firm.

Sam Chaudhery shares that he see’s ClassDojo as a communication platform which brings the entire school community together. A teacher will use the application and add all the students on her class list to the application and then move on to inviting parents. Throughout the school day the educator can share content from within the classroom. The ClassDojo team is trying to address the problem of trying to create a culture within that community. The concept of sharing your daily life and routine is a way to build trust and that is essential what ClassDojo is achieving.

ClassDojo has allowed 15 million students around the globe to build a growth mindset. Every minute teachers share about 8000 unique and special moments from the classroom environment that parents and other students would simply not be able to partake in. ClassDojo makes this possible using clever innovation and a unique approach.


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How Does Wengie Maintain Her V-Shaped Face?

Some people would agree that they would rejoice in being able to have a relaxing facial massage that slims their face at the same time. Sure, some people do not necessarily believe that to be possible, but proving all things once deemed impossible is YouTuber, Wengie. The Aussie is actually Korean culturally, and uses that influence to demonstrate age-old beauty routines that really work! One of her most popular routines uses a Chinese spoon (yes, a spoon) to massage her face, which thins it by drawing out water retention and bodily toxins. The only other tool necessary for this procedure is some massage oil; Wengie enjoys using pure Fiji for her dry skin, and recommends those with acne to use a gel-based product. Now, let’s talk V-line shaped faces:


The blogger begins the tutorial with applying the oil evenly on her clean, makeup-free face. This oil eliminates the friction caused by the spoon, which protects your skin.

She then…

After urging her viewers to never massage for more than ten minutes a day, she starts with her cheeks. Pulling in an upward motion, against gravity, Wengie uses a firm motion that is also gentle.

She continues…

From her cheeks to her forehead, the beauty moves from one side to the other in swift, soothing motions. She uses the handle portion of the spoon around her eyes and the bridge of her nose; she does this on her chin, too.

Finally and most importantly,

Wengie draws the toxins that she just massaged down to her neck area with downward motions. Viewers certainly could see the difference in her face; the swelling was reduced!


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How Fast Is A Search Using Slyce?

Slyce has put their image search technology into the Pounce app, and they have created a shopping haven that anyone would want to use. It is perfect because it gives people the results they want to see, and it makes the results come out like it was done on their computer. Not only are the results more accurate, but they are must more comprehensive than anything people can get in any other place.

The Slyce technology is really nice because it moves fast, and it has been put into the context of the app to give people a lot of choices to buy from. They can go to the links that they have, and they can buy something really easy. It is very easy for people to make purchases when they use the Pounce app with, and they can do it in an instant of when there is a picture taken. It is a lot easier for people to learn about how they are going to find something that works for them, and it will be much easier for people to get the things they want. Someone who sees something really nice on the street or in a window will be able to get what they want once they take the picture. There are pictures that people can put into the app, and it makes it even easier for people to find something that they are willing to buy. People who are putting all this effort into finding something get better results when they use Slyce.

Slyce set up the Pounce app with some partners that will offer better results at certain places. There are some places that people can go to when they are trying to get the best price, and sometimes they will not find what they need unless they are using Slyce and their Pounce app. This is a brilliant shopping app that works for everyone, and it is a very easy way for people to shop. Shopping is very hard because people not want to waste their time, and they will not longer waste time searching.